31 December 2015

Stories I'd Rather Believe for 2015

You tell them stories they'd rather believe
Use and confuse them
They're numb and naive

Truth is the truth hurts
Don't you agree?

It's harder to live
With the truth about you
Than to live with
The lies about me

Nobody owes you
Not one goddamn thing
You know where to put your
Just shut up and [write] ....

It has been a long, long, long, long time since I wrote here. Wow.  I guess the wake up calls stopped ringing in my head for a while. So, here we are, about to ring in a new year and it's about time. This past year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride with more ups and downs and twists and turns than I care to relive. 

Overall, life has been really nothing short of spectacular on some levels, and really just soul-crushing at other times. Yet, the older I get, I seem to process it all on the same emotional level, just letting it all stew on the insides.   There just usually aren't any adequate words for the way I feel about things, and thusly, I just stay quiet. 

Not here to make any resolutions. It occurred to me this morning that making plans to change and improve one's self just because a new year has arrived is about as effective as starting the latest fad diet on a Monday morning. It doesn't matter when or where you start. What matters is that you DO start and DO it all again and again until those improvements and changes are ingrained into your being. 

That, and I got my gym membership back in October, and I actually USE it several times a week, so I'm already miles ahead in the nonsensical resolution race. 

If I've gained nothing else out of 47-plus years of living, there is one bit of knowledge I've gleaned from it all:  The Universe acres not about clock or calendar. No matter how much planning and  organizing we do, money won't grow on trees and the proverbial shit won't hit the proverbial fan until it's good and ready to, and thus far in life, there's a lot more fans flinging poo than trees growing cold, hard cash. 

My point is, don't sit around waiting for the good or the bad, just live. Do everything you can to be the better you that you want to be, keep an open mind, stay flexible, learn to duck when the fan turns on, and by all means, if you ever find a money tree, let me know where it is or at least save me a seed so I can plant one.  

Here's to a much, much better 2016. I hope it brings you all everything you need and want, along with a little bit more peace here and there.