05 May 2014

A Little Lady Suffragette

What's it been, like almost a year since I wrote? The time, it does fly and life it does get away from you. Why write now? Because today, for the first time in forever, there was random music playing in my head. The archive department of my brain cell casting out random memories, perhaps? Whatever happened, it's definitely a blast from the past, this one....

"Jet" Paul McCartney & Wings

Maybe it's a subconscious thing, this song. We were discussing airfare from the US to the UK last night....which would involve jets. Or it could be that I've been dreaming about moving out west...travel and jets included, probably. Just to be able to escape the Hells of Ohio and start a new existence somewhere with lots of life and lots of forward thinking. 

I'm not an activist, by nature. I'm angry, sure. I'm disgusted, definitely, but I also don't have the gifts of persuasion or debate within my confines, so I tend to educate myself in silence and observe. I take what I learn, I apply it to myself and if it should stir some sort of thought within someone else, great!. 
But I do know, read and listen to women and some men, who are...those who have the ability to speak with excellent reason and provoke incredible thought.  

So maybe hearing the chorus on loop in my brain this morning means I need to just listen more closely, stop being a silent "little lady" and put a bit more effort into examining the past in order to make the future (if it even exists) a little better.  

Waking Up. It's what I do, occasionally.