02 November 2013

Shopping Carts and Holes in Hearts

I heard this yesterday, while shopping: 

Guess who sang out loud while shopping? Guess who didn't care? It took me right back....back to the days when everything was just a little bit simpler, much less complicated. 

A little over 20 years ago, my eyes met the eyes of this beautiful man-child as we passed in the hallway during a concert. We kept going our separate ways. About one month later, we happened upon each other yet again....at another concert. Back in the day when you could afford to go to a concert without taking out a fourth mortgage on your first born child. What made it click, for me, was that we both instantaneously remembered the other. He had the most beautiful eyes. Still does....just now shaded by his spectacles, but it is my one true joy in life to get to look deep into those eyes every night before we go to sleep. 

Today is our anniversary. 17 years of that "wedded bliss" stuff. We have beat the odds, set forth by people like my parents; people who thought we should never have been together and that we wouldn't last. To them, I give a firm and hearty: 

We've seen the ups, the downs, the rights, the wrongs and everything else and still we stick together. There's a closeness we have that is found with very few others. One thinks something and that thought comes directly out the other person's mouth. We have the same sick, twisted sense of humor. We both fear people, in most social settings. We just gel.

I truly never did know love until him. There will never be any other. I can't predict the future, but I know that I am 10,000% committed, attached, in love with and loving this man for the rest of my time on this giant orb called earth. Like a goose, I mate for life. He's stuck with me. Period. 

We've never had a lot....but my love...he does it good: 

He truly is the only one who holds the other key to me.  

Happy Anniversary, my love. <3 


Deborah Aldridge said...

Happy Anniversary, Deb & Heath! You are two of the most beautiful people I know, and you truly make me believe in forever.

Deborah Waltenburg said...

Thank you. I know there were times when I didn't believe...and you helped get me through them alive...<3 Love you. xo