01 November 2013

Loco Oficial

News of THIS: 

Make me THIS:  

Yeah, yeah, I know, I should be too old to worry about such nonsense, right?  NO!  Not right!  THIS is exactly what keeps me from aging and becoming Stepfordized to the point of glazed-staring, dull wittedness. 

It makes me scream, it makes me bounce, it makes me feel ALIVE.  THAT is what matters in life. Living like nothing else matters. Living by what YOU feel is right, not by the standards of others. 

This makes me want to dye my hair some shade of black and purple or blue, get some wickedly detailed tatts in equally wicked locations, wear nothing but black and just be. I really don't know what stops me. Maybe I shouldn't be stopped. I wonder what my husband would think.  

Back to the music. This is what gets my aggression, anger, and blinding hot rage out. This is the fuel that lights my fire. There's not much like it today. I'm just a happy, happy girl-woman today, knowing that they will be around just that much longer. 

That. Growl. Amen. 

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