07 October 2013

Vampires for Congress

There are no songs that adequately portray how my head has felt for the past week. Not sure what's going on, but this incessant, droning, dull yet burning headache just needs to vanish.  In the meantime...

This always sums up how I feel about being a minor speck on the back of a microscopic bed bug crawling around on the head of a brand new fly, flying into the mouth of a phantasmal poison frog, whose toxins would, in the right formulation, certainly and swiftly KILL my headache.  Or, in the wrong combination, kill me.  

No matter what side of the politi-fence you sit on, you have to see, by now, just how stupid all of this shutdown really is, and just how much of a game it is, and just how far your own representatives will go in this incessant game of chicken, and just how very little the THEY's care about us, the people who got them (or so we think) where they are.  

And to those of you out there, who think it'd be cool to light yourself up?  

How about moving just a TOUCH closer to the Capitol buildings...like in the lobby? Now THAT would make a statement. Way more of a statement than going way down the street to light your match. Furthermore, WHY would you even THINK that such a thing would make any sort of difference? Lest you think I am serious about self immolation, STOP IT. I am not. That was sarcasm. 

It's going to take a magical, metric fuckton more than singular persons, who can be misconstrued as ""crazy"" to wake up the electeds or get them out of there and start over.  If they don't care about the people who worked for them day after day, or the people who keep our country "safe" (at least from SOME outside forces)...do you really think they care about the Kamikazes?  Try again. 

I am a little bit bitter. 

I am a little bit frustrated. 

And do you know how they keep us, as a complete society, complacent?  They issue forth shiny, colorful new iPhones to distract us.  Or twerking morons who can't keep their tongues inside their cranial cavities. They will do ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING no matter how grandiose or trivial, to maintain that smoke screen, so we never bother to stand up and fight for what is true, what is right and what is humane. 

So yeah.  

Happy Monday, eh?  


Deborah Aldridge said...

Do you have a neti pot? Get one. Use it frequently to wash all that crap out of your sinuses. Every time I get one of those headaches, it helps. Or get a glare screen for your computer. Do you remember when I had a seizure from being on the computer too much. I have to wear special computer glasses now.

Deborah Waltenburg said...

No neti pot for me, the thought of using one makes me want to vomit. Just have to figure out the PRECISE cause of it and eliminate that! Wish me luck!! I have my screen set for non-brightness... so I'm all good on that front. Just don't know....if it goes on for another week, perhaps, a trip to the doctor will be in order. :/ xo