12 October 2013

My Way, Highway, Wrong Way, Right Way

Woke up with another raging head pain....and this looping around the brain cell. 

It's a very catchy melody....damn it...and the words are rather fitting for what's going on with our so-called government lately.....

and it feels like 
that your promises are omens
and it feels like 
that to push me is to shove me 
and it feels like 
that the only way is the wrong way 

Then, push all of the governmental bullshit aside, forget about it and think about what it takes to be this girl.

And she's (not) just the face for the struggles that women encounter across this muddied globe. I haven't had the chance to read the book yet, but I'll be ordering it soon, I think. You think I'm falling for all the hype? 

It's different. Yes, she's on the circuit promoting the book because that's how we do things here and probably elsewhere around the globe. But on a personal level, this is one of those times where normal people might ignore their intuition....might just pass it off and keep going...but for me, every time I see her, hear her speak, or read about her, I get chills. Not the bad kind, but the kind of chills that you get when you're in the presence of someone special. If I could see auras, I would imagine hers is bright and shining. I think she's sent from somewhere else in the Universe. An angel, for those of you that believe in that. For me, just a soul and a spirit that has so many things to teach us....and yet brings the weirdest, most offsetting sense of peace and calm. 

If you can get past the hype, the preconceived notions and all that, maybe........just maybe.........

SHE is the Universe's way of telling us all to WAKE UP. 

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