24 October 2013

Dead Folks Sway

One haunting song. One exceptionally beautiful building. I would sit there for hours if I knew where it was. 

I am obsessed with the beauty of old, old churches and old cemeteries...the kind that possess the headstones and mausoleums that were and are truly works of art. They just don't make 'em like they used to. Now everything is all cookie-cutter bullshit, mass-manufactured for mass profit. Sucks. 

Art in architecture is dying. Grand houses that once held tons of love and family stand empty and rotting. Mausoleums are torn down, remains relocated to make way for more individual plots. Makes me think that cremation or at least a natural burial would be the better choice when I go. 

I can't imagine life without my beloved or my kids or my animals, so it's hard to think about not being here anymore. THEY are the beings that keep me moving forward. They are my sun, my moon, my stars, my air, my water. I'm not overly emotive when it comes to love, but that's how I feel, deep down in the locked and bricked up chamber of my heart and soul. 

As pissed as I may be about my dad and his cancer, I can't imagine how life will be when he's not here any more. I can't imagine what it will do to my mom. I don't want to imagine it, or even think about it, but there's no denying reality. Age and sickness take their toll on all of us at some point. 

There are more than two sides of lonely. 

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