01 September 2013

Without Wings

Some wake up calls actually DO happen when I wake up....or they wake me up. Either way, this was so on loop inside my brain-cell this morning. Bright and way too early. You're welcome for getting it stuck in your head now, as well.  

At first, I thought that it must be some sort of homage to the 80's today, after flipping on to Yahoo and seeing and article about the resurgence of Kelly LeBrock (all the news that late and broken, right?) but then, it hit me when I was perusing my FB feed and came across this brilliant piece of work...

Brought to you by Zenos Frudakis, it's the epitome of being able to ROAM around the world, once you've broken free of whatever confines you.  

Having watched all of the completed Breaking Bad series (and now, ever so impatiently waiting for the day when we can watch it to completion once Season Six is released.....I thought out loud about the reasons why I can't ever seem to create such awe-inspiring, gut-wrenching, stomachache-producing works. And then (signs, signs, everywhere there's signs)...in a complete and very astute answer to that question, my beloved found this: 

There you have it. Get up, get out in the real world (ROAM, if you want to) and kick fear in the dental work. Doesn't matter how long you've been chained to your chair, it's up to you (and most definitely, me) to just get up. 

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