03 September 2013

War of Words

I typically try not to wax political, as, frankly, even thinking about all of it gives me a splitting headache.  This woman's video, however, was one of the first things I saw this morning.  I don't agree with it, probably not by 10 long shots, mainly because my feeling is "Did you just get here?  You are unfamiliar with our former presidents and elected officials?" Our entire country is built on bullshit, so really, how is any lie spewed out now anything new and shocking to you?  

I got about 4 minutes into it....then gave up....and then this instantly dinged at my brain....

Why? Mainly because it's an angry tune, chalk full of racial and homophobic slurs.....written by someone who lived in the part of the country where we do.....small town mindsets and what not.  And before you assume as much, no I do NOT agree with the hate speech. But, I can relate to the frustration. It's the same frustration I feel daily when I fully think about how powerless we are to stop all the Lies. Which, ironically or not, is the title of the album from which this song came. 

Instead of focusing on current, illogical events, I think what I need to say is that hate comes in many forms, just as hope does. I know, personally, that I am not comfortable speaking or even thinking in terms of derogatory racial or homophobic slurs. I don't even want to list them because in doing so, I feel like I would be condoning the existence and usage of such words. This is not because I was raised in a peace and love and flowery household. I wasn't. My parents and grandparents were closeted in their racism.  They wanted everyone neatly categorized, compartmentalized and separated. They didn't use ugly terminology, but you could see their disdain on their faces. Frankly, to me, it's a touch uglier than just an outright mouth vomit of hate speech. It's more insidious. More passive aggressive.  It was always the Us's and the Them's.  

I fought it as much as I could at that age. I rebelled. Then I went on to grow up and make my own choices about who I wanted to be around and associate with, regardless of my family's opinions. You have to see the bigger picture. It's not about skin color or nationality.....it's about what's inside...and if there's nothing but hate and disgust and negativity in the soul, there won't be much more than that coming out.  You get what you give. Singularly and collectively. 

Two ends cannot meet in the middle unless they work together....

More later, perhaps.  

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