27 September 2013

Squeaky, Squeaky Wheels

Funny, funny how writing about lubricating garden tools brings this to mind:

Funny how writing about greasing pivot points correlates with a lubricated cross.  

Funny how, before writing this, I was writing a subhead called "Squeaky Wheels"....and how that really does apply here. 

Funny how that guy up there, Richard Patrick, who coincidentally is just a few months older than myself,  

 Funny how he's the baby brother of this guy.....

Probably one of the first memorable experiences, outside of watching T1, encountering a walking, human being-looking thing with no soul.  

You also not might know that such a horrifyingly creepy character could also rock.

I didn't, until my Beloved found it...I also never pay much true attention to bands (unless it's Type O Negative or My Ruin), who they are, where they live, and who they are related to....so I never put the two's together until probably about the same time I originally saw this.  

ANYWHOOO, I was all set to go on and on about being pro-choice, about being on the A-theistic side, and about humans with no souls,  but instead I'll just grease my wheels and keep quiet until I'm a bit more clear-headed and can actually focus on one or two points.  In the meantime, you should really check out Filter if you never have.  

I wish I could go see them in October...just going to be a few miles away.  Who knows. Maybe it will happen.  

Grease your wheels, and as always keep moving forward, right?  Happy Friday! 

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