09 September 2013

Six Degrees of Bruno Mars

So  my Monday morning, A.C. (After Coffee) starts with this...in my email.  If you're a knitter, or a beginning knitter, I highly recommend this woman. She just rocks.  However, at 6:30 AM, I'm so not ready to watch technical info. 

So of course, I look down at the bottom of my email....where Youtube tells me that I might also like this. Which, of course, I LOVE this....because these two gentleman scared the beJesus outta me during the Watching of Breaking Bad Festival.

Which in turn led me to this-something everyone should watch....

Then there is this, which, unless you're a fan of both Breaking Bad and The Office, won't do much for you....

That, for some reason, led me to think about seeing this clip on SNL this past weekend, after having a discussion about just how very annoying we find Mr. Mars to be.  Yet, this little shit has something. Take away all the commercial hype and hoopla, he's got this thing called talent. Something severely lacking in the music industry these days. 

Watching that skit then, of course, put this back on loop in my brain....

Maybe it would be important to mention that I have my own personal prison, locked inside my subconscious, a place that only shows up in dreams. It is truly the most bizarre, twisted, scary house, probably designed by Clive Barker and Stephen King in some alternate universe, that combines an old apartment in which I used to live with a house that has an endless amount of dusty, cob-webby rooms that twist and turn and hold an infinite amount of secrets and stories that I can never quite unearth. I wish I could draw it for you, but there is far too much going on in this mental prison to try to fit it on paper. 

What's it got to do with all this?  I don't know. It showed up last night (or this morning before waking) after a very lengthy and much appreciated hiatus. Perhaps the correlation is this: It all really does start with the face staring back at you in the mirror. Only you can unlock what your subconscious is keeping inside. Only you can choose something different. Something better. Only you have the power to share your talents. 

There is probably absolutely NO correlation between all six of these videos, save the SNL impersonation of Mr. Jackson.  I can't find anything that mentions Bruno Mars and knitting in the same sentence but then I do recall he had a dance with drugs a while back, so there's that...what with Breaking Bad and all the drug-related shenanigans. And yet, all I know is that it's Monday, and it starts with me. 

What starts with you today?  

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