02 September 2013

Periodic, Psychotropic Pauses

Sometimes, it's just eerie how life shows you things in the present, but it takes you years, decades even to see the signs or make the connections. Periodic tables, skylines, Brooklyn, even blood type, all relative, all related in a single moment. 

No matter the reasoning, the timing of the release of this beloved album (1999) kind of makes you wonder what people see about the future. I had to look about five times, and get out our original version of the album artwork, and though you can't see them, the towers still stand, just very hidden in the green fog, yet the rubble in the foreground, just a hint....who knows. Regardless, this albums stands as one of my all-time favorites. Not a happy grouping of songs, but still, it makes for very excellent, very loud driving music!  

Which brings me to this shot....similar position to the WCD cover shot, THIS was the shot that graced a poster that graced the wall of my bedroom during my adolescent obsession with New York City. Don't ask me why...I don't know.....but all I ever dreamed of was escaping Ohio to this magical place. I can't find the original poster, but I remember that it was printed in several dark blue and purple tones...which of course coordinated with my very purple obsession with Prince.  

The only remaining proof that I was clearly fanatical as a young woman....and painted my bedroom accordingly...

Which brings me to my one 'real' trip to New York City in the Spring of 1984. The world was still ok, because I was still young, stupid, and full of hope. Coming from small town Ohio, you have to realize what a complete and utter culture shock it is to be transported from a life of sheer and exhausting boredom to Manhattan. There were street vendors, theaters, lights, CATS, gay people, straight people, people with mohawks and middle fingers held high in the sky, there was the Statue of Liberty, buried beneath a mountain of scaffolding, but just as glorious as ever....and there was the World Trade Center.  I don't think anything ever shut me up as swiftly as standing at the bottom of those buildings and looking straight up.  

Who knew then what was even coming.  And who, indeed, will save the sane?  

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