29 September 2013

Hard Whipped Cream Cider Rules

In honor of how I would be feeling and what I would be doing today, had I not consumed some combination of this:

and this: 

Even though it's not really Mrs. Murphy's favorite, it's still one of mine....and if I felt more human, this would get me in that righteously pissed off, 'I can do anything, I am woman, hear me roar' kind of mood. 

Then this would just make me want to throw the Black Eyed Pea Experience into the XBox and pretend that I could dance all over the living room rug.

and since it is so TOTALLY looking like a bleary, dreary, very autumnal day outside the confines of my kitchen, I would throw this in, pretend I was some 20 years younger and go dye my hair in the appropriate shade of black.  Don't get me wrong, I still dye my hair, black even, but I don't think I could fool myself into thinking like I look 20 years younger. Probably not even on a good day.!  

Let my suffering be a lesson. Flavored vodka and flavored, sugar-ridden hard ciders are, if nothing else, full of SUGAR.  A poison which sucks the will to move and function the next day.  I was all good and feeling warm and frisky last night. Today. not at all. Stick with the less sugary alcoholic beverages if you feel that you must imbibe. You'll thank me for it. 

Rock on. 

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