12 September 2013

Boiling Down the Soul

Who knew that this.....

So ANYONE can live FREE in this country......

Would invoke the wrath of all Hades.....

You couldn't be, you couldn't be me even if you wanted to,

Everything I've been through. You wouldn't know...

You’re all talk but your words are empty 
The big shot you pretend to be 
You’re all talk but your words are empty 
My middle finger is all you get from me 

Fuck You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me..........

And, in turn, cause me to use all my middle digits, the mental and the physical.  

How many people ever read or listen or watch something all the way through before they jump to conclusions. How many people can be somewhat in your presence day after day, read only certain things, ignore others, and proceed to show utter contempt and hatred because they are not fully informed?  

Take any of these things at face value only and you can come up with all sorts of assumptions.  Instead, I have gleaned from each one exactly the words that resonate with me. I don't agree with every single thing said by every single person ever, but some points do resonate. Strongly.  

I'm not a purveyor of hatred, by any means. I'm also not selective in my hate of humans. I don't discriminate. There's no religion, there's no skin color, no political stance...there either IS or there is NOT a soul inside all of us that drives us to make the choices we do. It all boils down to the soul. 

Not just me, but anyone....anyone you come in contact with, anyone you see or read on a regular basis...take a moment to get to actually know them. Ask them questions. Listen to them. HEAR them. SEE things through their eyes for a second. Sure, it's easier and a metric millifuckingsecond quicker to see the mask...but it's what is BEHIND the mask that really matters.  Don't just fly off and preach and demand and order them to see things ONLY as you see them. When you think about it, that's really how this planet got to be as twisted and screwed up as it has become.

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