24 September 2013

Bitch Fits

That's it...I just totally got distracted by fashion on the way to obtaining the vidya clips for this post.  I just have to stop pretending I don't care and start talking about it. Not here, of course, but somewhere else. :D

THAT being said...this is what I was all about yesterday:

This one, because yeah.....there are never enough hours in the day to listen Mr. Paul say the word.  

This one because I want him to call me one.  I have no clue why, but it would make me squeal. 

and THIS masterpiece?  This one because, what would be better than combining music that makes you want to do several happy dances with A.P.-Style pronunciation of a seemingly mundane word? 

Yesterday was clearly a Bitch-themed day. I saw this in the morning....this could be what started it: 

I am nothing if not full of sarcasm. I have the eye roll/palm wave choreographed to a science. Yesterday however was about feeling accomplished. About getting shit done. Today will be more of the same. Some days you just don't need, want or have any profound thoughts. Hoping today goes that way as well.  

New ideas, more getting shit done, more of the better, less of the worse. 

It's Tuesday, BITCH!  

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