30 August 2013

Homeless Smiles Freeze Curses

If only for a second.....in that second, something is incredibly right in the face of all that is wrong. 

You see a story like this and you know that not all hope is lost. I watched the video above and the first thought that came to mind is 'Where do we go from here...?'  So, I googled it.....there had to be some reason for that thought to come to mind, right? A wake up call, perhaps?  And this is what caught my eye first.  

As if to provide a glaring example of the exact opposite of the young men.....here is typically my impression of a lot (not all, mind you) but a lot of the younger crowd. Not any different than how people my age now saw me when I was in the younger age bracket. Not at all. 

Maybe it's about perception. About removing the blinders and looking around to see what is REALLY out there as opposed to the images concocted by my brain, brought to me by a wealth of vapid, pointless media. 

Maybe it's a push in a different direction. Time to stop being afraid of people...afraid of the outside world....time to get back into it and do something for those that have way less than I do. And I don't have much, but I know my blessings and I don't take them for granted. 

It breaks my heart and crushes my spirit to see people in such dire conditions. People for which I am powerless to do anything. Mainly because of location. But I can do something here.  As the Theys say, "Charity begins at home".  

So, this is where I go from here. I start researching and then I start doing. All it takes is motion. Forward.  

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