29 August 2013

Breaking Keys

You just can't imagine the profundities you will see, hear and realize when you start watching a simple television series. There are so few things in mainstream television media that are even worth wasting time looking at....but I will forever be in awe of Breaking Bad, not only for the acting but for the absolute glory that is the writing.  

There is no wake up call inside of any lyrical composition today.....just inside the playing of the notes you hear here. Once you realize that this person that you think is totally beyond gone, so burned out that he doesn't have a brain cell to share with anyone else, let alone himself.....when you realize that he possesses this talent....

Mind. Blown. 

And then you start to TRULY realize the destructive force that is drugs. Not even just illegal drugs, but all those fancy little pills big Pharma wants to shove down your throat.  I'm not some big anti-drug advocate, seriously.  I think everyone makes a choice at some point.....and what happens to us, ultimately, is the result of our choices. But when you take a look at the true results of using things like meth or heroin or crack, or even alcohol....it kind of just crushes the soul a little bit.  

Underneath the chemically altered facade of an addict lies a human being with a heart, a soul even.  And, I will definitely argue the existence of a soul in some less-than-human beings....but at ONE TIME, there lived these things in that being. 

I have little to no patience for it.  Drug use, that is. You seriously had to, at one point, say "ok, let me hit that....." How do I know? Because I've said something to the effect of "ok, let me hit that..." myself back in the years when I was less than mentally advanced.  And , wrapped in my blanket of ignorant bliss, I suppose I think that anyone who ever is confronted with such things would just have to know that you can't go back that easily and that it's better to just walk away.  Hypocritical, coming from the nicotine-addicted, socially backward hermit trying to sell you this line of WAKE UP CALL. 

I guess what really woke me up when I saw this scene was just how much of me has been buried by the outside world. How much of myself has been hidden under a thick coating of fear and anxiety. Fear of failure. Fear of abandonment. Fear of being mocked. Ridiculed. Shunned. Hated. 

Just imagine the things we could do, the things we could become, if we never allowed such things as fear and drugs to take over the wheel. 

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