13 June 2013

The Wheels Won't Break This Butterfly

So, when embarking upon a new endeavor, such as becoming self-employed once again, organization is KEY to a successful outcome.  So many things are getting into place, The house is clean (which is a feat in itself) and staying clean on a minute by minute basis. There are thousands of little projects that I tackle, about one at a time, every day...so as not to get overwhelmed and sucked into the abyss, but otherwise, things are lining up nicely.

In trying to formulate a workable schedule, however, the missing link, so far has been the tunes.  In the past, I relied on approximately three artists:

  • Corinne Bailey Ray
  • Lindsay Buckingham
  • Coldplay

In no particular order.  I cannot work with loud, raucous music. That, we save for driving. Keeps me from having road rage.  But, in the house, where I need to focus so as not to get distracted by baby whistle piglets, two dogs, five cats, and those thousands of side projects, I need relaxed, mellow, somewhat calm music in the backdrop.  Can't be too loud, but it can't be too soft either. 

At the moment, I am currently in search of Ms. Ray's first release: 

I think it's one of the most beautiful songs ever, situated on an album of beautiful sound. Something about her voice just soothes my soul. Not sure why, but it does.  

I've got Mr. Buckingham lying in wait.....

And Coldplay...never far from reach: 

But I've got some other stuff to add to the lineup...and it all sounds good on the living room surround sound. 

Stuff like: 




(Don't know that there is a sadder tune out there, but it's just gorgeous) 

and for a complete change of pace....

See, I like to set timers...and work in stints.  Because I have focus issues. In any given day, I am want to sit still without doing nothing, well, like, ever. I can't. Even if I'm "watching" tv, I'm not just doing that...I'm either eating lunch or knitting or crocheting or doing laundry or planning or, yeah.  

This is the part of my old job that I miss...there was NEVER and I DO MEAN NEVER a lack of things to do.  I was busy from the moment I clocked in til I walked out.  Thing is, people got in the way. People who couldn't get past their need for negativity, control and drama. I won't have that. I won't have that in my life anymore. I just won't. It's enough already.  So here I am.  And this time, it is for REAL. It is for KEEPS and it is going to be better than ever before.  

My wings are not broken. I am growing new ones. Period.  

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