10 June 2013

Above Us Only Sky

Imagine if you were this guy.....

Imagine if the following lyric made perfect sense to everyone who ever heard it.....

Gently borrowed from: 

I don't know about you, but nothing is wrong in my world...a world where I am breathing, alive, not murdered in cold blood, relatively healthy, with all my senses and extremities intact. In FACT, having a moment to think whilst standing in the checkout line, the viewing of this particular picture this morning.....

reminded me about practicing patience....(even though I was guesstimating approximately how long it would take to scan, bag, cart up and pay for my items and make it to the door.)  Sorry I don't have actual credits for the glorious eye drawing above.....found it on a random read-by excursion on FB. No credits given there.) 

And it's utterly astounding to me that the discovery of one very elusive tool can also bring forth tremendous change in thought patterns.  I haven't been able to move forward with anything requiring measurement for quite some time now because all of our measuring apparati seemed to have sprouted legs and walked off into  assorted sunsets. Until last night....after asking my beloved if he had seen any of them lately....and he found this one out in the garden shed. 


Now I'm all like "Look out bitches, I'm about to measure shit".  :D  

Then the most profound of thoughts flew through my mind....
Isn't it crazy how so many things in life cannot begin without measurement of some sort.  Time, weight, height, length, duration, days, weeks, inches, millimeters, cups, spoons, etc., etc.? 
 Or maybe it's just easier to procrastinate when you don't have a unit of measurement or the tools with which to find that unit. I mean, if I don't have a cloth measuring tape, I can't take my own measurements and therefore just cannot begin to embark on any sort of meaningful endeavor to lose certain parts of me.  If you don't have a clock, then how can you be expected to keep an appointment?  If you don't have measuring cups and you've never baked before, how can you make a cake just by guessing how much flour and sugar you're pouring into to bowl?  See, we rely heavily (pun intended) on measurement.

Now that I'm out here on my own (employment-wise), I have to create my own measurements for getting shit done. I can no longer rely on a time clock or any production planners or a boss to get me motivated to do my stuff.  I am my boss.  Me. That's it.  So, in the next week or so, I'm getting organized, set up and ready to make serious headway into my new (old, but new again) career.  Also, I am continuing to recreate myself as a wife and a ''homemaker'' (GOD, I HATE THAT WORD).....ok, so maybe 'undomesticated goddess' would better suit me.

Getting your shit together. Getting organized. Straightening up all the assorted messes in your life.  These are all good things.  Do one or several.

Live for today.


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