09 May 2013

Socioparasites and Other Nasty Pests

It's not a happy wake up....but it's probably a wake up somewhat long overdue.....

I don't stand atop some lofty mountain spewing out wisdom....but when you've been where I've been, seen what I've seen and done what I've done, and lived to tell about it...maybe you know just a little bit more than the younger generation.  

I'm kinda pissed.  Kinda really pissed....and sick to death of drama, whiny-azz bullshit and overall malaise at developing any kind of work ethic...and it's not just ONE person, it's like a whole multi-generational kind of thing that makes me want to pound my head on my stainless steel work table until it rolls off my neck.  Maybe it's just my particular place of employ, or maybe not...(kinda leaning towards the later). 

Maybe I'm just upset that no matter how hard I try, no matter how reliable I am, no matter how dedicated I am to making improvements related to my job....no matter....it all falls on deaf ears and blind eyes and despite all my rage, I truly am just a rat in a cage....

Mainly, because these things I know: 
  • The haters...they are ALWAYS gonna hate.  No matter what, no matter who, they just hate. 
  • A warm, breathing, even non-working, body is better than nobody at all, right?  
  • The work I do, the money I make, the people I draw in....doesn't serve to line my pockets and it never will until the day when I'm in business for myself.  
  • Being reliable is NOT a job requirement. Being conscientious? Also not a requirement. Nor is attention to detail, following simple, clearly outlined directions or listening to reason.  
I am flummoxed by people in positions of authority who will not address serious personnel issues. I don't want lip service...I want results. I want others to care as much as I do, but clearly that will never happen. So, I can either join the masses of other life-sucking rats and just be a body....or I can make a difference in my OWN life and keep searching for greener, more honest pastures. 

I should not, after giving and giving and giving, get so much grief when I fall ill.  I don't PLAN to fall ill, I don't plan for my health to fail occasionally and I do not ENJOY calling off. However, at this late date in life, you can punish me all you want with all manner of points and write ups.....but it will NEVER make me put myself on the back burner.  Instead, when it comes time for reprimand, I will show up with doctor notes and the other necessary accouterments to prove that I was indeed not well, and that I did, indeed, attempt to handle such a situation responsibly. Shit does happen....and if adjustments can be made for someone so they can go to a high school prom, or people can call off because they get a "dent" in their giganormous leg or call off because they can't handle being told the truth, then, I would THINK that someone who shows up regularly, rarely ever calls in sick (but does, when she is too sick because working around food and being sick is just stupid) warrants a bit of leeway and understanding.  

Then again, rat...meet wheel. Wheel inside cage. 

Just. Sayin'. 

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