11 April 2012

Big, Big Wednesday

The alarm is a joke...I have to get a new radio alarm, or better reception...no messages are coming through via that medium. But this has been looping in my brain cell this morning....

Things have been going incredibly well, maybe that's why I've been lax in posting much...because I haven't noticed any particularly loud messages from the Universal radio....just lots of static. Maybe the static has to do with health? I don't know. Trying a NEAR Vegan diet for the past two weeks, and so far, so good. Losing weight, gaining energy, hair and nails and whatnot all getting stronger, fuller, etc....but now, it would appear I'm coming down with something, something which has caused vertigo, and an all-over ache. Went to the doc, no ear infection, just a prescription for an anti-dizziness medication. However, if this ache and constant headache don't go away soon, I may have to find a new doctor or just go back to that one and hound him until he finds out what's really going on. 

In other news, my beloved got me the sweetest little doll yesterday...

Picture gently borrowed from here

Life is, for the most part, really good. Maybe the Universe would like me to realize that and nothing more right now. We shall see, shalln't we? :) 

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