18 April 2012

Catching Cannon Balls

Lots of not much going on lately, Universally speaking. Nothing coming forth from the alarm and just trying to be a better me. Yesterday, learning about the impending departure of Levon Helm (via Slash on Twitter), however, gave me pause. I know absolutely jack about Levon, or The Band, for that matter. But I know this song....

It's a huge part of my youth....not sure how, just remember hearing it frequently. AND, there's always the factoid that it was written in the year of my birth. 

I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to music appreciation and music history. That's what my beloved is for....he always fills me in on the information I did or did not need to know, but like to know anyway. Take the fact that I heard Robbie Robertson for the first time, as a solo act, probably when I was around 17.....by that time, The Band was already disbanded. From the moment I heard this...

I was hooked. On that album. And only that album. I've tried his other stuff. Just, for the life of me, can't get into it. I'm in to good lyrics, and good stories within songs. Which will ruffle my beloved's metal feathers, since he insists that I should be more into things like Sabbath and Maiden. But.....therein lies the rub...because along with the lyricism, I have to have a sound that speaks to me. I just don't get the same vibes from the things he likes...nor he me. Yin and Yang, up and down, it all balances out.  

Like this, for instance, is an absolute exquisite example of what sucks me in..

Just. Wow. 

Then, you have The Black Crowes doing this...


See, I'm into the earthy, growly, bluesy, heart-wrenching shit. Probably why I was immediately drawn to this...

Just Perfection.  

I can't tell you why I am the way I am, musically (or any other way for that matter...). I just know what I like, and reallly, genre is useless to me, because I bounce all over the place from opera to hip hop...like with this....

There is just absolutely no rhyme, nor reason when it comes to me.  So I guess, today, after so much silence, the Universe is trying to get me to finally see that it doesn't matter....you are who you are and you should be completely and utterly, without fail, comfortable in your being. Like what you like, hate what you hate, listen, don't listen, and by all means, stop following the crowd.....they might be headed on an extremely long fall off a short cliff. 

Just. Be. You. 

and bounce a little....

14 April 2012

Sol In Prime

On this date, two years ago, our world changed, in a most musical sense. I'm not one to remember death dates too much, but can't help but be reminded since I follow lots of Type O people, including other Type O band members. I don't even pretend to know their pain. I can't. I wasn't there. All I know is I miss him. I miss the band. I miss the music.

Gently borrowed from this great article...

This is pretty much how I remember him, we saw the band so many times live.....never dreading it, always looking forward to it....and always hoping to see them again and again and again......

May You Find Peace in Your Rest. 

11 April 2012

Big, Big Wednesday

The alarm is a joke...I have to get a new radio alarm, or better reception...no messages are coming through via that medium. But this has been looping in my brain cell this morning....

Things have been going incredibly well, maybe that's why I've been lax in posting much...because I haven't noticed any particularly loud messages from the Universal radio....just lots of static. Maybe the static has to do with health? I don't know. Trying a NEAR Vegan diet for the past two weeks, and so far, so good. Losing weight, gaining energy, hair and nails and whatnot all getting stronger, fuller, etc....but now, it would appear I'm coming down with something, something which has caused vertigo, and an all-over ache. Went to the doc, no ear infection, just a prescription for an anti-dizziness medication. However, if this ache and constant headache don't go away soon, I may have to find a new doctor or just go back to that one and hound him until he finds out what's really going on. 

In other news, my beloved got me the sweetest little doll yesterday...

Picture gently borrowed from here

Life is, for the most part, really good. Maybe the Universe would like me to realize that and nothing more right now. We shall see, shalln't we? :) 

07 April 2012

Rooftops and Miracles

No alarm, just the subconscious knowledge that my son had come HOME!  Not ordinarily big news, but since he hasn't been home since around Christmas, is IS big news to me. Haven't written much lately, just because we've been living life and nothing really konked me upside the head, Universally speaking. Been listening to random CDs, such as Korn (with that Backwards "K" thing).....and, of course, The Black Crowes...so this song has been stuck on loop for the past few days...

So come on off of your rooftop
Come on down to the street
I've got something to tell you
You're secret I will keep
Tell me why have you been crying
Why won't you look me in the eye
I'm just trying to help you
I just need to know why
Please won't you let me try

Be my secret, be my joy
Be a miracle to me
Be my lover, be my friend
Be a miracle to me

I want to sleep in your moonglow
In my mind you're smile I keep
Head over heels I go
Like a dream from a peaceful sleep
This time I know I'm in deep

Nothing short of miraculous, this life I have with my beloved. Miraculous should not be mistaken for easy. It's never been EASY, but it's been worth it. I spend a lot of time up on my rooftop, hiding from the world. He is the only one who knows how to get me to come down. The only thing easy about this life is loving him. Sometimes, you have to part through all the bullshit to see what you really have. I see him. I keep his secrets. He is my friend, my lover and my miracle. What more could a girl ask for?