16 March 2012

Tattered, Torn and Frayed

Up early, with SOMETHING blaring out from the radio, something which I could not identify and the Beloved was too asleep to help me out. Spring has SPRUNG around here!  Which, for some reason, makes me want to listen to Tesla. Part of my youth, part of my not-so-youth, and part of my now....songs like this...

Just makes me want to get in the car, roll the windows down, crank up the volume and drive.....feeling the warm breeze, smelling Spring air, especially after a good storm.....ok, enough of that poetical waxing....

Yesterday was an exceptionally perfect day. We are working at making serious changes to our health and dietary intake, so a lot of it focused on foods. Went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday, because they do have one excellent salad bar and quite a few healthier choices on their menu. Then we went to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art , where it's FREE on Thursdays. Bonus! Most of the small museum stages works of assorted high school students from around the NE Indiana/NW Ohio schools. I have to say, some of these kids are WAY beyond their years when it comes to artistic vision and the ability to bring that vision to life. Stunning shit!  I wish, I WISH I could show you and I WISH it would have been for sale!  Not that I have a boatload of cash to drop on art, but damn!  

Then, we walked into a gallery and saw the works of American artists, such as Bruno Surdo and Suzie (Suzanne) Dittenber. Surdo's MASTERPIECE "The Re-Emergence of Venus" (You can see it on his FB page, well part of it anyway) was so very mesmerizing that you just had to stand there, stand back, stand close, move to one side, move to the middle, move to the other side, find a ladder and stand UP to take every bit of it in. Other than that, the gallery is fairly small and just didn't have ENOUGH to look at. Bummer but it was something we haven't done in YEARS, so it was just perfect. 

After that, we drove around, got lost, sort of, and found our way back to the 3Rivers Co-Op Natural Foods store. The smell of the store was amazing....got a pound of organic steel-cut oats for a buck, and the perfect amount of nutritional yeast (going Vegan will NOT be easy, but it will be DONE at least for 3 weeks) for $0.15...that's right, FIFTEEN CENTS!!!  And now we know where we can find a fuqueton of different rices in all shades, shapes and flavors, beans, and Vegan cheeses....the vitamin/supplement selection was not as good as The Health Food Shoppe over on Anthony, but they did have a TON of medicinal herbs, essential oils and stuff to peruse.  All in all, prices are steep  no matter which place you shop at because it's organic, natural, vegan shit....so you have to pay more regardless. 

None of this really relates to Universal messages, or even music, and probably belongs on one of my other blogs, but it is what it is and yesterday was what it was, perfect.  

Maybe the message is this:  When you get out and do something different than what you have been doing, you learn things, you see things, and you realize things you never thought of before. IN other words, LIVE your life, just don't sit and watch it go by.  

Happy Friday!  

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