08 March 2012

Sugar Blues

Nothing comes forth from an alarm clock that never gets to go off. Just me and my one brain cell, up a good hour before the alarm even had a chance to think about working. Now that 99% of the drama in our life has been eradicated, the focus has once again turned to more basic needs, such as breathing and all the things that make that function easier and healthier.

The only tune that comes to mind is this...

Granted the lyrics don't apply and they sure as hell don't make any sense to me whatsoever, but I still always kind of liked this song, mainly because of the melody and her presentation thereof. 

I've been trying for years to become a healthier version of myself. Key word: Trying. Being a fiend for just about anything Susan Powter writes or talks about (well, about anything is a huge stretch, but she's packed FULL of useful information, that woman!), I once heard her mention a book called "Sugar Blues" during a discussion about sugar. Shocking. 

And, while I always looked for it at random bookstores, I never made a concerted effort to OBTAIN it until just recently. It's not the newest, hottest, latest, greatest. It's an older book, to me it looks like it came straight forth from the 70's. Yet, it's one of those things that makes light bulbs pop on and the brain cell sit up and pay attention. 

Sugar has been everpresent in our lives since our beginnings (mine and my beloved's) and unfortunately, for my kids as well. You do what you know, until you learn better, right? So, whilst we are attempting to completely overhaul our habits and our health, battling the sugar temptations is somewhat at the forefront right now. 

I guess one could glean a Universal message out of all this....and it would be this...

It's NEVER too late to change. (Until you're dead, that is). 

This coming from the woman who spends at least 50% of her time working in a bakery, surrounded by sugar. If I can work in a bakery and NOT eat the sweets, there is hope for EVERYONE!  

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