26 March 2012

It's Only Mountains and Mad, Mad Bunnies

Up early, le gasp! No alarm, no blaring cacophonies this morning, just this running through my head...

Not entirely sure what anyone was thinking with that VIDEO...but the song, I like! 

Sitting here reviewing me. Wondering why I am the way I am. Wondering what it will take to make me a better person. Not that I'm a horrifically evile soul, yet, I know I need improvement. I could apologize til 10 other people are blue in the face, yet it won't erase the mistakes, and it won't mean that I'll be any different. 

Stupid as the concept was, and designed to demonstrate how ridiculous certain beings can be, the whole Fear/Love thing in Donnie Darko was sort of spot-on.  

Some things you do out of fear, be it conscious or subconscious. Other things you do out of love. And there are definitely gray areas in that entire spectrum of human emotion. Deep, I know. Too deep for me, this early in the day. 

I just know that I usually do pay for my mistakes in one way or another. But I also get rewarded, sometimes, when things are done right. I just want to be seen for what I do right, rather than having all my flaws highlighted. Not so much to ask. Just have to accomplish more rights than wrongs, right? 

It's the start of a new week, starting a few new things today, and thinking about starting to work on me. I don't have access to a bunny suit and wormholes usually don't float around me, so I can't go back and change things, but I can move forward. 

Gently borrowed from here...

Get mad. Then do something. 

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