20 March 2012

If You Need Water

Not much going on today in the world of me. No alarm, but I think I actually slept in til 4:00 AM. That is correct...FOUR!  Trying to remain calm and collected about all the workplace drama. Realizing that it would be futile to run off on a rage. It would accomplish absolutely zero. Things that calm me...things that calm me....things like this song...

Happy thoughts. That's what I will start thinking. As we sat watching the (never disappointing in its depressive qualities) news, my Beloved said that he's "tired of sad". So true. There is so much more to life than the pain, destruction and heartache that we carry out on each others as a species. So, in that light, the things that go on in the work place are nothing but TRIVIAL. It's a part of my life, sure, but it is NOT going to define me nor will it bring me sinking down to the level in which others wish to dwell. Won't do it. 

At the moment, we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of this...

Unlike those that the Madison Avenue peoples would have us believe live with all life's modern conveniences, like satellite and cable tv (and unlimited internet)...(HAAAAAAAA), we don't have those things. We don't even have a DVR. (GASP!!!) So, when we see something that we really WANT to watch, we buy a season, then if we like it, we get the rest. Probably spending tons less cash than we would for a yearly subscription to unlimited noise from the picture box. Yeah, so we're way behind on cultural happenings, people, etc. Besides, if you OWN the series-es....for lack of a better expression, you don't have to wait for however many months for the next round to begin, unless you've run out of dvds to watch, and you're all caught up and the series is still in production.....and you can experience it all AGAIN if you so choose. 

Besides, Spring is being all SPRINGY and we are both itching to get OUTSIDE and do things better than before. Planning the garden, the yardwork and the someday in the future repairs and improvements to the inside and outside of our humble, yet spacious domain. If I could just hold the world's most giganormous garage sale, I'm sure I could rake in at least $500 bucks for the cause and clear out an amazingly mind-boggling fuckton of clutter!  (Seriously, I like to dream that it'd bring in 5 TIMES that amount, but who are we kidding, when people don't want to even pay ONE DOLLAR for a faux fur purple coat!)  

So today is all about planting, planning, some knitting and just continuing to get better.  Work be damned. It'll be here soon enough, like in the morning.  

The Universe would like you to get off your bum and go outside. I mean, it's the FIRST DAY of SPRING, we had the world's funkiest, warmest, 83 degree last day of WINTER yesterday, and things are reaching full bloom outside. Get out there. Feel it. Smell it. Sit on it. Roll around in it (except for where your dog poos). INhale. EXhale. Ahhhhhhhhh. Spring. Here. Limited time only. 

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