11 March 2012

I Ain't Ain't What I Am

I guess it should be no shock that when I failed to remember to SPRING FORWARD and set the clocks ahead yesterday, that THIS was the song ushering forth from the cubically shaped radio this morning...

As in, if you like that trick, just give me a minute....you ain't seen NOTHING yet..... 

Whilst I haven't gotten any bad reviews or criticism at work, I often have this underlying feeling that I am just not doing enough. I'm not as fast as people who have time to stand around and talk. I'm not as talented. I'm just not....enough. But I think most of that is in my own mind. It's not like I have any set goal...I really do just show up because I actually like my job. Thus far, I've done a damned good job of catching on, having been thrown every type of work there is to do within my departments, but when you only get a set amount of time on any one thing, it doesn't give you much time to adapt and build speed. 

Perhaps the Universe would like me to know that, today and every day forward, it's up to me...and if you think I've sucked or if you think I've done great, you ain't seen NOTHING yet.

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