25 March 2012

Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

The alarms have gone off the past few days, but my brain cell can't seem to recognize the sounds.....but I did hear this yesterday morning, at work....

I adored Queen when I was little. There was nothing infused, no knowledge of who anyone was or of their sexual preference and too naive to comprehend any inferences. It just sounded good. Good's not even the right word.  I don't know. I liked the COLORFUL music (still do) and back then, Queen stood out against all the other stuff that pretty much sounded the same to my very young ears.  It also helped that my parents didn't know anything about Freddy Mercury either, lest they surely would have prevented me from listening to anything by the band, much like they did when they listened to all the gossipy shit about Prince. But that's for another time (long story). 

Tight harmonies, theatrical compositions. That, I like. Much like the soundtrack for Moulin Rouge. If you get past the cheeziness of the film itself, it boggles the mind that the creative geniuses can listen to so much music and then turn, twist, and mold it into something completely new, all while leaving it totally recognizable. That shit amazes me, no matter the musical genre. 

Stuff like that, no, it's not the stuff that makes me get all nostalgic and think of certain events in life...it's just the stuff that motivates and inspires me to learn new things. Other music, in my head, I see as seasonal. Like Tesla (mostly the acoustic renditions) reminds me of Spring, storms, and that lovely, balmy air. 

Type O Negative, on the other hand, is most DEFINITELY for Autumn. Especially perfect for October. 

There's no exceptionally OVERT message from the Universe this morning. Probably because it's too damned early to be up and THINKING......but maybe it's just this:  Find the music that makes your soul sing and go with it, others and their opinions be damned.  Music, while not essential for breathing, sure makes life a lot easier to digest!  

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