01 March 2012

Go Live Your Life

So, it has come to my attention that I am a full-on idiot. Not a complete shock there, but still......so all the while I was ranting and raving and acting the lunatic last week, really my anger and frustration were totally misdirected.  Which makes me kind of...,.

Not even kind of...just really......

Not a feeling I like having, but I can face the music when I have to. It's entirely my fault for thinking that this time things would be different. This time, I wouldn't be so gullible. And yet, I was. All apologies to those involved and to you, dear readers, for having had to put up with my stupidity. I truly am an ass.  

Gently borrowed from here

In other news, my beloved sat down and took the time to put together not one, but THREE cds' worth of music for my listening enjoyment during the drives to and from work. I adore him. He knows me. He knows what I like. He knows what I might like. And he always, always tries to lead me to things like Priest. (Not happening, but you gotta love the man who tries anyway!!! :D)  

So maybe now that all my self-inflicted stupidity and drama have fallen by the wayside, we can get back to the business of actually LISTENING to the universe and seeing if I can actually GET the wake up calls that are sent my way every morning!  

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