02 March 2012

Blow It To Hell And Gone

I can't even sleep when I don't HAVE to be awake. I love that about my brain. So here I sit, up since before 3 AM. The main thing on my lone brain cell is probably this song...

Just one of the many things my beloved added to the cds he made for me....something I don't hear often and yet get lost in it everytime I do. It's so true. I wish we could just hunker down and blow up the outside world, along with all its bullshit. Doesn't everybody?  

I would love to build the world's most luxurious bomb shelter, complete with a biosphere, for gardening, an entertainment room, a HUGE kitchen, the fluffiest couches and chairs and of course, my yarn room....and just get away from all the anger, violence, hate, politics and other nonsense that we can't escape. I really would.  

But, in the meantime, as I mentioned elsewhere this morning, what doesn't kill us most definitely makes us stronger, if not more pissed off!  Cheers!

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