30 March 2012

And I Told You To Be Balanced...

I have ADD. Maybe. Maybe not....maybe it's just something I found to describe my flitting personality. Maybe ADD doesn't even exist. Either way, I was visiting Twitter, when I saw a post by Whitney Cummings, so then I visited her page, and then I saw the link to her blog, here..., and then after several pages of meandering, I found that she had posted this...

Her exact words went something like this: 

my sister sent this song to me today very randomly so that means something - the universe might want everyone to have it...

Did you see that?  The UNIVERSE might want everyone to have it. The Universe. That thing I mention nearly every time I've got something to say here.  It's funny how that silly Universe works.....I don't really GET the song in it's entirety, yet this blip sticks out:

And I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind 

Yesterday was hard. Not in any overly dramatic, woe is me kind of way....but because this showed up...

I'm the UN-Balanced girl who would adopt any and every stray woodland and domestic creature (barring the arrival of skunks and possums, that is) and do whatever I could to make them have a happy life. I didn't know where he came from, but it was obvious he had broken free, carrying along part of his steel-cable tie out and sporting a collar. He was a big baby with a howl and whine that nearly broke my heart in two.  

Long story very much shortened, at the end of the day, after taking him to the local animal shelter, we finally located the owners.  While part of me is comforted knowing that they NOW know where he is and go collect him, part of me fears that maybe they will just leave him there. That cannot happen. I don't know what I will do, but I will DO something. I will NOT be responsible for another dog being 'put down' just because there is no room at the inn, because people can't seem to manage their animals. He WILL have a home. He will.  Just praying that he goes back with his family...which included other howling beauties. 

So, whilst I was probably not patient, and definitely am not all that balanced, at least I know that part of me is, indeed, kind.  

I also know that love shows up in the strangest forms. Who knew I'd ever fall for a hound dog?  

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