14 February 2012

Run To The Cupboards

No alarm, just my brain. About the 5th day of snow we've had all winter here, so mentally preparing for the drive to work. Thinking about Valentine's Day......and how I don't need a holiday to know that someone has my heart. Sometimes it just works.....this thing called love. That's not to say it's all hearts and flowers and easy, every second of every day, but when it's good, everything works out. Like a fine wine, I'd say we've mellowed, with age, in all the right places, yet we haven't lost any of that je ne sais quoi that keeps us all sparky. 

Sometimes, the rocky parts, have kept me hidden behind a very large, very tall brick wall.....where I hide what I truly feel. It's not often easy for me to say out loud that things are perfect or that I am so very happy to be where I am. That fear of jinxing things, I suppose. But it IS how I feel. Sometimes, you really do just have to let yourself fall and TRUST that the other person will always be there to catch you. 

So today, amidst all the reds, pinks, hearts, candies, roses and other muck, today I just want him to know that he is my world.  

If he was NOT my world, I would not indulge in his love of this band.... :D  

And secretly, just between you and I.....I really don't MIND them as much as I let on. 

But this song, this song just says it all......

That is all. :) 

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