20 February 2012

Money and Mountains

Just my brain to wake me up today. Too much to think about to be asleep. Listened to 'Under the Cherry Moon' yesterday on the way to work, so of course I've got more Prince looping around my lonely brain cell....songs like this:

and this...

But then I start thinking about other stuff and THIS comes to mind...

None of it directly applies, perhaps, but bits and pieces do. Thinking about motivation. About roadblocks. About priorities. Not mine, per se, but about someone else's. Thinking about how they can light a fire under their own ass and get things going. 

One foot in front of the other. One minute, one second, one inch, one millimeter at a time. Just have to start.  

That's all she wrote. 


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DS_Aldridge said...

Just remember that all you can do is make suggestions to someone and encourage them. Their decisions are ultimately their own and they largely choose their destiny.