05 February 2012

Keeping Peace in Thin Air

By now, you know the drill.  No alarm. Just this, running through my head as soon as I got out of bed...

I never really looked at the lyrics until now, here, but I must admit I don't have two flying fuquetarts of a clue as to what this song means!  But, hey, it's Fleetwood Mac and thusly, it is cool in my book!  I'm fairly certain it's circling my brain cell because I listened to it yesterday. I must say, it's an excellent disc to have in the player when you're driving in less than favorable conditions, such as several inches of very unplowed and very slushy snow!  Keeps you on a mellow, even keel. 

I have no deep thoughts today. Nothing deep happened yesterday. Still a lot of thought about food and changes that need to be made. I know that I love my husband and I never want to be a contributing source of anything that makes him less than healthy, so in order for HIM to make changes, I, too, must change and do whatever it takes to get him in fighting form. I adore him.  Which brings to mind this, one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard....

I think that's it for today. Just listen and absorb. Ohm. :D 

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