03 February 2012

If You Don't Believe It, Faces Come Out Of The Rain

Forever, I am cursed to awaken before the alarm clock, I fear. Oh. Well. So, the Universe has me considering the mindset of one daughter who is just not getting it. I don't know how to make her get it. I am left clueless.  What comes to mind is this...

Why can't she see that her future is very fucking bright......IF she makes it happen. Why can't she see that repeating the same behaviors and actions will lead to the very same consequences that she just went through? What is this incessant need for attention that drives her to take leave of all reason and become involved with the same kind of people she just got away from...the kind of people that suck your will to live because THEY have no will to live and thusly exist in the realm of fantasy?  I just. Do. Not. Get. It. 

I read what these people write and I am completely flummoxed. What is this?  Who are these beings that don't have a firm grasp on what is right in front of them?  

Makes me feel like this....

She just doesn't see......that some people should just.....

Going to run away to work now, and silently stick my head in the oven......it would be less frustrating.  

Happy Weekend!   

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