08 February 2012

Crashing In To Me

Clearly, there was a reason I didn't have much to say yesterday, I just didn't know it before I left the house for work. But again, that silly Universe works in very strange ways. Today, a day off. But let me go back to yesterday....my Beloved made me a glass of iced tea to take with me to work, but rather than putting it in the normal, lidless, glass, he put it in one of our insulated glasses that has a lid. Strange, I thought, but hey, it's a glass and he made it. What's NOT to love?  FF: Me, down the road about 1/2 a mile.....enter one dead cat in the road and two very quick moving deer. Imagine. It's never the first one...it's the second one that gets you.  They should space themselfs apart further!  And though it does NOT apply at all, this is the only song that comes to mind:

There's a first time for everything, and that was my first time having ever hit or been hit by a very large beast. In or out of the car! 

In other, probably less exciting news, this week was filled with a fuqueton of abuse from assorted boxes of frozen pastries, breads and other items, which also crashed into me...mainly atop my dainty little head.  Surprised I don't look like this now......

Gently borrowed from here ...

No matter where I am at, or what I am doing, I can usually find someway to bump my brain container into something that does not give. And typically, it hurts! Perhaps I should wear a helmet. I think that's it for today.  Going to spend my day off with my beloved getting repair estimates for the car, then lounging at home avoiding the annual doing of the taxes.  Happy Wednesday!  

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