12 February 2012

Cracks in the Vinyl

No alarm, just some maybe-not-so-alarming news upon entrance into the Web of Inters this morning...

I can remember (one of the few things I do...), back in the days of early adolescence, whether I heard her first on the radio (probably) or for some reason just bought her album, either way, I can remember sitting in my room listening to this song, howling at the top of my, then, fairly pristine lungs, trying to BE that voice......

Thirty years later....how things do change. For all of us. 

Just a few years back, I thought maybe she was going to turn it around.....beat her demons and all that....because I heard this....

Things come along sometimes just when you need them. This was one of those songs. That was a particularly shitty year. See, even back then, the Universe was sending messages. 

I hope she's in a better place now. And before all the full-scale media ass-kissing kicks into gear, here's a little message from my son's favorite squirrel:

I REFUSE to speculate about the cause of Ms. Houston's demise......because I despise it when people do that. What's the point. Wait until all the facts issue forth. THEN, gossip as you will. 

I guess the message of Universal means today is that maybe we should start loving and respecting the people around us here, now, today. INSTEAD of directly after they have taken their leave of this planet. But then people can't get their greedy lil talons on all that grief-driven cash if we all did that, right?  No one can make a profit if you lift someone up and support them and adore them whilst they are breathing. Sad but true. 

I mean, hey, imagine how different Adolf would've been if someone, somewhere had addressed his mental shortcomings LONG BEFORE he ever got started doing what it is that he most DEFINITELY did. 

Imagine, if we all rallied around Mr. Keidis so he could stop trying to visually emulate the aforementioned monster....

Gently borrowed from here
I know, sometimes, shit just hits the fan, no matter how much intervention or love is given, but if you take a look at all these celebrities, they seem to be surrounded by a bunch of self-absorbed, greed-driven YES people that give them exactly what they want whenever they want it. I guess so they can all come out with books about it afterwards.  Another fucked up fact. 

Perhaps, I have gotten a touch tangential, but that's just truly how I feel.  Don't pretend to love someone or care about them, then turn a blind eye to the fucked up things they are doing to themselfs, all in the hopes that the "trouble" will evaporate on its own. It just. does. NOT. work. 

Love the ones you are with while they are still here to BE with......


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