19 February 2012

Call Me Crazy

Yes I AM a slacker. How could you tell? This week has been SO very screwed up, mentally, emotionally and workly. Yes, workly. I have got to regain my resolve to NOT get sucked into workplace drama. I started out great. I do, really, just show up. Sometimes, though, people and their respective rounds of bullshit suck me in. When I am at work, though, I just want to focus on what I've got to get done. I don't CARE about who gets who, who's doing what, who pissed off who, etc., etc. I just want to show up, be there, have as good a time as possible, do my thing, then clock out and come back home to the most beautiful person in the world. THAT is all I want. Is that really too much to ask?  

THIS is one of the coolest songs ever. I've loved Heart ever since I can remember, which is quite a ways back. I wanted to BE Ann Wilson's voice. I didn't know anything about her, but that VOICE. Now THAT is a powerful force. Well, it WAS, at least, until the 80's attacked her and her sister with tons of hairspray and shoulder pads. That era, we could probably do without. 

Yet, today, Ann is still a beauty. See: 

Very gently borrowed from here

I can only hope that I hold up that well as I continue moving forward through the years!  I know part of it is being able to let go of the small stuff. Those things that just do NOT matter one bit. Like workplace drama. So, today, on Day 3 of the Weekend from Hell, I will attempt to go to work and just get tonight out of the way and then move into the new week, back to a more humane schedule. 

What are YOU going to do with your new week?  

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DS_Aldridge said...

Well, yesterday I totally redid my room, so that was productive. Today I'm going to work in the yard, repot my desert rose and a couple of other things and write, write, write!