04 January 2012

You Can't Be Me, I Can't Be You

It's hard to get one's wake up call, via the alarm clock, when one wakes up NINE minutes before it's set to go off. Such as it was today. Pretty uneventful morning, yet I had no specific message zoinking me upside the head, so I'm writing now, because now the tunes are just a rollin'......

Something hit me funny yesterday. I am eternally grateful for all the people in my life and the things, like a roof, clothes, food and a car. I don't take any of it for granted. All my blessings are counted. I am good person. I am a good friend. I would give the last shirt off my back to someone who needed it more than I. Yet, I fully acknowledge that sometimes, things bother me, and sometimes, I will spout off about them. But please, never get the impression that I'm not grateful for what I have when I spout off about trivial shit. And, for the record, trivial shit is usually the only thing I spout off about online. I keep most of the details of anything more serious in nature closed off from public scrutiny. 

Listened to this song quite a bit a few years back when turmoil was at top level in this abode. It got me through. And again today, it hit me, when my beloved told me that I wouldn't even begin to know something about what he's going through at work. Makes me kind of sad, but it's his experience and his trouble that he has to deal with, so no, I guess I wouldn't know. Even though, I do know what it's like to deal with difficult people. 

So no, I can't be you and you can't be me. We all have to live our lives and experience everything for ourselves. That's just how it is. I guess that's what the Universe is trying to remind me. I don't pretend to fully comprehend and feel what someone else is going through, but I do listen and I do commiserate as best I can. That's all I can do. 

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