24 January 2012

Workin' For The Man

Pretty sad that the only time I can sleep UNTIL the alarm goes off is on my day off. Fail. Alarming that this came blaring out of the speakers at me this morning......it's one of those songs that I'd rather hate than love, no matter what a "classic" it may be......

I don't know which version I heard first, but I did get to see Tina Turner perform it live when I went to see her, so many, many moons ago....during this tour which subsequently was my first concert ever....

Back in the days of complete naivety, whenst I had no clue exactly WHAT a private dancer was.....Shut up! I lived a very sheltered life as a child and adolescent!  

Maybe the message today is that it's just not about location, it's about WHO you spend your time with.....not sure that it directly applies to me, mainly because I spend my time with one beloved, two dogs and five assorted felines, but you never know.  Maybe I need to push the boundaries of socialization and get out there and actually make friends!  

This will not be happening today. It's a day off and I've got way too much to get accomplished here. Can't do that if I'm out running around, right?  Enjoy your day, win some friends and influence some people! 

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