20 January 2012

When Are You Gonna Come Down?

Woke up to this...well, not THIS version, but THIS person certainly makes the song so much more bearable!!!!

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had been stronger. If I hadn't let someone else threaten me and shame me into silence. I know I'm never going to audition for any of the billion reality talent shows....I just sing in the car. Who I am, because of my past, is why I have always wanted my own children to go places. Do things. Be MORE than what someone else was before them. Without all the pushings and obsessiveness of a pageant mom, however. Just not my style. 

Today, my daughter leaves, again, for new territory. I can only hope that she'll find what she needs and wants, away from all the distractions that surrounded her here. I think this suits her: 

or this even....

I hope she can take her broken wings and learn to fly. Regardless of what she believes, regardless of everything that's ever happened in the past, the one thing that has never changed is the fact that I love her. 

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