11 January 2012

Turn Up Your Tape Machine and Burn Some Bridges

Clearly the universe thinks I am not hearing something with the proper level of understanding......hence the reason it gave me this upon awakening today:

And here, I thought I'd someday miss the 80's.  Not yet.  Shoulder pads still make me cringe and evertime I find a pair, I want to immediatley rip them forth from the garment to which they are attached!!!  

Gently borrowed from:

Since the recent receipt of a SECOND copy of Wasting Light has me once again filling me brain cell with words of a Foo....there's this song looping around in there this morning also: 

I've burned more than my share of bridges in this lifetime. Some of them by accident, some, however, by perfectly calculated design. 

Another time another place
Another line upon your face
Another in your way

Down crooked stairs and sideways glances
Comes the king of second chances
Now throw him in the flame 

Some bridges most definitely need to be lit up. Sometimes, it's the only way you can keep moving forward. Somethings THINGS weigh us down. Written words, pictures and the other assorted memorabilia and detritus, sometimes, these things should turn to ash. NOT in a manner that would lead to arson charges, mind you, but in a way that you can never see them, breathe them, touch them or otherwise hold on to them ever again. 

Kind of how I feel about a certain person in my life that have never once taken the opportunity to believe in my worth. This person's ego gets in this person's way...this person thinks that no one can do anything as good as or better than this person can do it. To THAT, I say, what. ever. At the ripe young age of 43, I still haven't managed to completely burn this particular bridge, try as I may. But what I can do, is burn away all the negative energy coming forth from that particular person and just keep moving forward in SPITE of what this person thinks.  But gee, I can't even begin to imagine how different life would have been had this person ever taken a moment to step outside, look around, and see that I was worth the effort and not just something to be hidden away or discouraged.  

Yeah, kind of bitter about that one. It's my cross to bear....and bear it, I do.....and someday, maybe about one day before I take my leave of this earth, maybe I'll understand that it wasn't my issue it was theirs. 

So until tomorrow, I leave you with this:  Burn the bridges that bring you misery and pain, and leave the bridges intact that will actually get you somewhere safe, happy and productive.  

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