19 January 2012

Time's Up

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future.....
First words. Can't get much truer than that, eh?

Sometimes, the love you have to give, the things you have to say and what you really feel, it all falls on deaf ears. Sometimes, people have too much time on their hands....

Like, whoever made this video.....

And though I'm not taking any sort of leave, I feel like this sums it up fairly astutely....


I wanna meet my maker in peace, 
I want to feel alive again
So put that smile back on my face
 and mix it strong my friend.

’Cause I can't feel my face
I won't struggle long
In a world so cold
In a world so wrong

I just want peace. I just want the best for those I brought in to this world. I just want a drink. A rather strong drink. I want to NOT feel my face, or anything else for that matter, for a while. No matter what way I go, no matter what I do, whether I do anything, do something or do nothing, someone, somewhere, will find fault with it. That, my friends, is just life.  

Difference being, this time, I will not be sucked into anyone else's abyss of misery. Been there, definitively done that, not going back for Round 63. 

Choosing my battles. 

Happy Thursday!  

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