10 January 2012

Switchblade Lips and Trick-or-Treat Fingertips

Why?  Because this is what was playing when the alarm went off.....because yes, once again, I forgot to change the station.

Brings back a lot of memories. I was young, dumb, and you know.......freshly out of high school with all the intelligence of a rock. Back then, I had yet to set foot in a boobie bar and was just beginning to rebel from that strict religious environment from which I was trying to escape. 

Thinking about this song, though, makes me think about my Boo and the current state of relationships today. Clearly, today, these ""kids"" are much more open to new ideas than we were. That's all well and good, but I think first you need a certain level of maturity before you go messing around and trying to engage in all manner of sexual/romantic freedom.  And, it's not even a matter of gender....girls can be just as cruel, deceitful and heinous as boys...and vice versa. So, no matter who you love or give your heart to, you'd first better realize that that heart can and probably will be broken numerous times throughout your life.  Buckle up, baby, because it really is gonna be a bumpy ride!  

Unfortunately, us humans don't tend to rely too much on our instincts and feelings in the younger years, so you have to learn the hard way, at least once or twenty times, and then you start to pick up on the cues that scream "HEY, you're about to get totally fucked over!!!!!!!!! RUN the other way!!!!!!!!!!"  So, I suppose that means that we should maybe have been taught at a very early age to protect our hearts and give love sparingly only to those who earn it completely, right.  Yeah, sure.....where I grew up, there was no concern about such trivial things as self respect.  The only thing that mattered was being a good Christian, upstanding, morally righteous girl.  Puke. 

As I read recently in At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much, a quote from Harry S. Truman states: "I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and advise them to do it...."  Truer words, eh?  Telling her that he was bad news never worked, so then we went with the "if that's what you want, go for it", and now all we can do is be here to help her pick up the pieces as they scatter around her and let her know that no matter how much it hurts right now, tomorrow is a new day, and things will start to look better eventually.  

So whether it's girls, girls, girls or boys, boys, boys, the modus operandi should be the same.  Proceed with caution.  That and perhaps, love YOURSELF first.  

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