05 January 2012

Silhouettoes, Scaramouche, Bicycles and Fat Bottoms

You know, it used to be that I was so afraid of oversleeping that I set TWO alarms, on various sides of the room, in order to be sure that I'd get up. Now? NOW, I AM the alarm clock. The actual clock just sits there, maybe to increase my wishful thinking that someday I'll actually sleep more than 5 to 6 hours at a stretch. Gone are the days of sleeping til noon (which I probably did about twice in my life), gone are the days of letting the sunshine hit my face and wake me up. Sigh. Anyway....yesterday, I saw this lovely picture on Facebook: 

"THEY" were correct. I did sing along. Sad. I always loved Bohemian Rhapsody when I was little. Along with Bicycle Race: 

And Fat Bottomed Girls, which has one of the best intros ever, in my humblest of opinions: 

I had no clue what 'Gay' meant back then.....nor all the atrocities that people had to and still do have to suffer because of their sexual preferences. I had access to the radio, therefore, I had access to Queen. I'm sure, however, if my parents had paid attention or knew anything about Freddie Mercury's lifestyle, they would have certainly banned me from listening to their music. Sad, but true, how closed-minded people tend to operate. Just ask my Prince record collection, which disappeared because my mom thought it was Satanic. :/  

Then, I start thinking about when the kids were little and many an evening spent watching Wayne's World. My son LOVEEEEEEEEEEED that movie. I may have to get it for him for his upcoming Day of Birth celebration!  He has an elephantine memory.....he truly DOES remember everything, all those little quirky things that happened in childhood randomly just spew forth sometimes....amazes me. Of course, Wayne's World wouldn't have been as excellent as it was without this: 

I miss those days. We didn't have a lot. Four of us, one dog, occasionally puppies, several cats and one 3-bedroom trailer. Very cozy, to say the least. But, sometimes, I think we were better off back then. Alas, we can't stay young forever, but without a doubt, I am definitely young at heart. 

I suppose Universally speaking, I should wake up to the fact that I don't have to ACT old just because I am getting older. I don't have to hang up ALL the joys of youth. I have memories and I have the ability to keep an open mind, an open heart and just go with the flow. Why else, at the ripe young age of 43, would I still listen to everything from rap to hardcore metal? You won't find me tuning in to the Lawrence Welk show anytime soon, even though they play it incessantly on public television!  

What keeps you young?  

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