06 January 2012

Purple Flowers 2 the Right of April Snow

Nothing woke me up today but the fact that my hands were asleep. Forgot to wear me wrist brace contraptions to bed. OOPs.  Sooooooooooo, yeah......there's a lot going on in my daughter's life right now, a lot that I cannot help her with or make better for her. It's the stuff of life that we all have to go through. It's painful, it's excruciating, but it is just another step on this path we walk every day. In the meantime, (whatever time THAT is....?!) yesterday on Facebook, my friend Eliza shared a plethora of Prince songs. So, I thought today would be the appropriate day to share my own favorites. Like this:

Yes, mother, yes, after listening to The Cross, you can certainly assume that Prince was a devil worshipper. Yep.  Sigh.  

And then, there is this: 

Disclaimer: I have no clue who thought that FISH would be fitting of this song, but I'm posting it for musical purposes, and due to lack of any better clip on YouBoob. 

But you can't forget about Pop Life (NOT that stupid group that showed up on America's Got Talent last year...), the song......

But then, I think one of my all-time favorite Prince songs has to be this: 

I think it was a B-Side from Purple Rain. Actually, I think I still may have it...in 45 rpm version...somewhere. 

I was an utter and complete fool for Prince back in the far, far away days of youth.....someday, if I find it, I'll post the picture of my bedroom, completely purple, except for one wall which housed, the inner sleeve: 

Kindly borrowed from:

So, these are just a few of my favorite Prince songs, brought to you by me, putting off getting ready for work. Have a lovely Friday!  

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