23 January 2012

Plink, Plink, Plink....Plink, Plinky, Plink.......

The skies woke me up today, with nary a word....justs lots of flash and bang kind of stuff. January. Ohio. Thunderstorms. Makes perfects sense in a world where global warming does not exist (cough, sputter, puke). All this weather does is confuse nature and makes ME want SPRING. Now! Also reminds me to get my seeds started soon!  

I guess today is about trying to evaluate all the things I need to do, whilst not having the time to do any of them until maybe tomorrow. At least ONE thing is eliminated from the list. Won't have to spend time or cash to go wash the car. The Universe can be very helpful upon occasion!  Other than that, this does NOT feel like a Monday, but I wish you all an excellent week, regardless!  

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