30 January 2012

It's A Gas

Yesterday flew by with nary a word from the Universe.  All that happened was me wasting countless hours trying fix money issues only to end up deleting everything and starting over. Yay. Not.  Today, another issue with money surfaces...that tangled web of money and love.  No alarm today, just lots of talk about money, money, money.......

I grew up in the ultimate materialistic era.....listening to stuff like this: 

I learned the hard way that you can't buy friends, you can't buy happiness, you can't buy loyalty and you will never, ever be able to buy REAL LOVE.....just never works.  When money is involved, money is the only thing that gets the love.  Sad but true.  

I guess the Universe would like us all to realize that money and love never mix......which is a message more for someone else (close to me)....mainly because I never had much of it and probably never will.  I wouldn't know what to do with it all if I did have a fuqueton of it!! :)  

Happy Monday!  

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