01 January 2012

It Ain't Once Upon a Time

It's that day....the first day. The day to start everything anew, all shiny, sparkly, and without the flaws of the last 365 days. (Oh, and this could get long, so if you see the linkie that says READ MORE, do please follow it and read the rest whenever you are so inclined, thank you!)

We had, what most would probably consider, a mostly uneventful New Year's Eve celebration. In honor of our  goals for this new year, we had dinner, using a gift card, and then shot over (pun intended) to the liquor store to get some alcoholic reinforcements for a not-so-quiet evening at home. As we attempted to watch this:

We discovered that this is going to be one of those movies I watch alone and that whilst I am watching it alone, I will most likely only be watching it for the visual appeal of the set design, costuming and makeup. Sometimes I do that. I'm a sap for fashion. Soooooooo, we then moved on to attempting to watch this:

Yet, we were sad to learn that this was the Import version, which does not appreciate the finer points of our American dvd player. SO, at some point, we'll gather round the laptoppie and watch it there.  I bet you're wondering what we did next, right? Well then......

It led us to a discussion of how lame we really feel about ourselves as social butterflies. We don't have friends that we hang out with. We have friends online, we have friends at work, but we don't have friends really, within driving distance, that we see on any sort of regular basis. This comes from a combination of the following: 
  • 7+ years of over-the-road driving by my beloved, leaving him at home only once or twice per month
  • A great disdain for many people that we encounter around here
  • Shy-ness
  • Lack of funds
Kind of backed ourselfs right into a lonely corner. But, as my beloved so astutely put it: "While we will always have each other, people still need other people."  Having friends and meeting other people out in the world allows you to keep things alive. It feeds the brain. Meaning, we're just about to the point of sharing one lonely brain cell betwixt us!!!  

So, on top of setting financial goals for the new year, we've decided that it's time that we learn how to be amongst people again. But where to begin?  We don't know how to meet people. My beloved works with 3 other men....that's it. No office, no nothing, just 3 other guys and while his best male friend at the moment is one of those coworkers.....that particular gentlemen lives some 58-65 miles away, depending upon how you drive it. Fail.  My closest friend from the past lives 32 miles away. I don't really know anyone at work on a close basis yet, so that's hit and miss. Face it, we just don't know where to begin. I wonder if there's a website out there for people like us who just want to meet other people like us.  Reminds me of an episode from King of Queens, where Doug and Carrie go couple shopping at their local home improvement center.  That'd be us......only less successful......

Meanwhile, back at the inordinately long ranch-style house in the styx, we sat down around the laptop, and perused the events on Facebook, listened to music, all selected by my beloved, and ended the year listening to this: 

Nothing profound about this song, per se, yet it's one of my all-time favorite Van Halen tunes and it sounds damned good LOUD. Unless you count the line "An' we don't worry 'bout tomorrow 'cause we're sick of these four walls..."  We're not quite to point of breaking out the coloring books and Crayolas just yet, but it's getting closer....and the time is now to change it, because only WE can. 

Yeah, I know this was long-winded, but it's who I am and shall continue to be. Enjoy!  

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