15 January 2012

Gypsies and Four-Walled Worlds

Who needs an alarm when you spend at least 60% of your day off SLEEPING?  Apparently, I was all out of gas yesterday. I cat napped, sloth napped and then went to bed......but what's been running through my brain cell is the naivete of children. They are willing to excuse even the most heinous and fucked up acts of others, as long as they aren't excluded. I don't get that. Well, I do...because I was there once upon a time, but in the here and right now, I just don't get it. 

My beloved says he thinks about me when he listens to this song. I'm not particularly all THAT wild, but this line captured his thinking: 

For I would beg for you
I would steal and I would borrow
I'd do anything, anything at all
To end this sorrow 

It's how he feels about me, and how I feel about him. It's also how I will always and forever feel about my babies. Powerless as I may be to give a wake up call to the one of them that really and truly needs it. If it swims like a shark, hunts like a shark, and ultimately eats up it's prey like a shark, then, by all means, it IS a SHARK.  Hello?  Echo, echo, echo..............

This Friday can not come soon enough, when she'll be farther removed and maybe better able to see clearly through all the bullshit by which she's been surrounded. One can only hope. One can only hope she'll escape his four-walled, self-absorbed, sickening (to those of us who really DO know better) world.....

In the meantime, I'll spend the next few hours absorbing my coffee, knitting and then getting ready for an odd 11-7 shift at work. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!!  

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